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Super Breeder Velghe
In the early nineties Marcels thought was confirmed that reaching the top could only be reached if the best birds possible are at the base of your strain. Only birds bred from toppers could lead Marcel to the top results he wanted so badly. Top birds in the near surroundings were already legendary names like
- ‘Famous 05’ (best middle distance bird of The Netherlands WHZB 1981)
- ‘James Bond’ (best middle distance bird of The Netherlands WHZB 1984)
- ‘Wonderboys’ (2nd and 4th acebird of The Netherlands WHZB 1990)
From these lines Marcel purchased descendants and like this he composed a strain of birds that has no equal!!

eye 'Super Breeder'

These terrific lines were added with some fresh blood, to even extend the rich variety of qualities Marcels birds possess. Such a cockbird is ‘Superkweker’, a direct son to ‘Asduif 43’, a real household word in pigeonsport, a cockbird that was the best racing cock of The Netherlands over three years according to the WHZB system. However the entrance of direct children to the National super Aces from C. and G. Koopman is bound to create an even better pigeon … the modern racing pigeon for all one day races that will dominate pigeon sport worldwide in the years to come.

In 2013 Marcel makes a new start in pigeon racing ... he went back to the old base by bringing in pigeons from mainly the old ' Famous 05' bloodlines, of course now generations back ... Late bred 2013 youngsters from Marcels best former racers and breeders complete the breeding team that must bring new successes for the future to come.

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